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To Incorporate Catalog Parts into Your Model
After you find a catalog component that you want to use, you can incorporate it in your design. You must download a standard component to your hard disk and then retrieve it in Creo as follows.
1. Click the 3DModelSpace tab in the Creo browser. If you did not configure to display the 3DModelSpace tab by default in the Creo browser, click Favorites, expand the Online Resources folder in Personal Favorites, and click 3DModelSpace. The home page for 3DModelSpace opens in the Creo browser with links to the products and catalogs.
2. Click a product or catalog hyperlink. The Catalogs page opens with catalogs of the CAD model.
3. Click the hyperlink of a catalog of a specific standard. The home page for the standard catalog opens. It displays the component types available, such as bolts, nuts, screws, washers, pins, rivets, and so on.
4. Right-click a catalog of a specific standard and access Add to Favorites to add the catalog to the Online Resources node through the Add a Favorite dialog box.
5. Select a standard component to download. The part page opens in the browser.
6. Click Download CAD and sign in with your e-mail address on the Sign In page. New users must create their sign-in profiles.
7. Selected a supported format including a zip file.
8. Specify the location. The file is saved to the specified location. You can now retrieve the catalog component in Creo.