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About the Navigation Tools
The Creo window contains the navigation tabs and the browser for navigating, accessing, and manipulating data related to your design process and data management. The information you request is displayed in the Creo browser.
The navigator consists of the following tabs:
Model Tree—Provides a tree tool for navigating and interacting with the model.
Folder Browser—Facilitates navigation of the local file system, computers on the network, objects stored in the Windchill based data management system, FTP sites, and in-session models.
Favorites—Contains shortcuts to your most frequently visited Web sites or documents. The Online Resources folder in the Favorites folder provides access to connections and built-in solutions, links, and portals, such as User Area, User Group, projects, and catalogs.
History—Provides a record of Web locations you visited in the Creo browser.
By default, the History tab is not present in the navigator. To add this tab, click on the browser toolbar.
Working with the Navigation Tabs
By default, Creo starts with the Folder navigator and the embedded browser open. When you open a model, the Creo browser closes, and navigation switches to the Model Tree.
To open a specific navigation tool, click the appropriate tab.
You can resize the width of the navigator by dragging the vertical separator between the Navigator and the Creo graphics area. You can customize the navigator placement by using the Tools > Customize Screen.
To close the navigator, click the arrows on the vertical separator.