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About Accessing Component Catalogs in 3DModelSpace
You can access online catalogs from the 3DModelSpace tab. 3DModelSpace is available as a PTC Resource link in the Online Resources folder of Favorites.
The home page for the catalog lists catalogs of standard components. You can browse catalogs, search for a component, view the details of the components, and download the selected component in Creo. You can add a shortcut to a particular catalog. You can search a single catalog or several at a time using the search tools available with the catalogs.
To access the online component catalogs, you must click Favorites and expand the Personal Favorites folder. Online Resources is located within the Personal Favorites folder. You must expand the Online Resources folder and click 3DModelSpace. The catalogs page opens in the Creo browser and you can select a catalog to browse or you can right-click a catalog to add a shortcut to it to be accessed from the Online Resources folder. You can also add the catalog to Favorites.