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About the Favorites Navigator
You can save your favorite links to the Favorites navigator. To activate the Favorites navigator, click the tab. The Favorites navigator includes the Personal Favorites folder. The Online Resources folder in Personal Favorites consists of the company’s solutions pages and services.
Consider the following information on adding favorites:
When you save to the Favorites list, Creo saves the location of the page that is currently displayed in the browser.
You can add a new browser tab.
You can right-click a Favorites folder, such as Online Resources, and use the Open in Tab Group command on the shortcut menu to open all the links in the folder in each of the tabs that you added as a set to Favorites. Use the Open in New Tab command to select and open individual links in separate browser tabs.
When you add a favorite link to an item in Windchill, the exact version of that item appears in the Favorites list.
You can save a link to the Windchill Properties page or to the contents pages.