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About the History Navigator
With the History navigator, you can manage the list of web sites that you have previously visited. You can filter, sort, and view objects and Internet addresses accessed during the current or previous session. The History navigator includes the name, location, and date of the objects you have visited.
Additionally, you can open a history record in a new browser tab, add the record to Favorites, and access its properties. You can set the limit for the number of days the history records are stored by setting the configuration option web_browser_history_days.
Opening and Closing the History Navigator
By default, History is not present in the navigator. To add History, click on the browser toolbar.
To close the History navigator, click or click .
You can customize the browser to include the History navigator. Right-click on the browser toolbar and click Customize Browser to open the Creo Parametric Options dialog box with the Window Settings options. You can select the Show History tab check box under Navigation tabs settings. Alternatively, you can click File > Options in Creo Parametric, click Window Settings in the Creo Parametric Options dialog box, and select the Show History tab check box.
Accessing the Properties of a History Record
Right-click a link or a record in the History pane and click Properties on the shortcut menu. The Properties dialog box displays the address of the link and the following details:
first visited
last visited
number of visits
Removing Items in the History Navigator
To remove all items, click Clear on the navigator toolbar.
To remove individual items, right-click an item and click Delete on the shortcut menu.
Sorting Items in the History Navigator
You can organize the History list by sorting items in the History navigator as follows:
1. Click .
2. Click View and select one of the following sort options on the resultant menu:
By Date
By Site
By Most Visited
By Order Visited Today