To Check Out and Open a File in Creo
1. Click in the Folder navigator. The contents of the Commonspace are displayed in the Creo browser.
2. Drag the file you want to open from the Commonspace to the graphics window of the Creo application. Pro/INTRALINK automatically checks out the object and moves it to the active workspace. Additionally, the selected file is opened in the Creo application.
When checking out objects such as assemblies, all dependent files are checked out according to the default configuration preferences that you set in the Pro/INTRALINK client. For example, if your Pro/INTRALINK preference indicates the inclusion of drawings, opening an assembly adds its drawing to the workspace.
Use the Pro/INTRALINK client to perform a more customized check out or to change the default configuration specification.
Check out and open a file from the File Open dialog box. The File Open dialog box contains shortcuts to both the workspace and the commonspace.
Use the File Open dialog box to open objects as simplified representations. A simplified representation is a predefined configuration that does not retrieve the dependents.