About Sorting and Filtering Objects Listed in Table Views
You can use the various sort and filter options available in the File Open dialog box to sort and filter Pro/INTRALINK Workspace and Commonspace objects listed in the Workspace or Commonspace table views displayed in the File Open dialog box.
The following sort and filter options are available in the File Open dialog box:
The column header to sort
Tools > Sort By and Model Name or Markup/Instance Name.
Tools > Show Instances to show or hide instances.
Tools > All Versions to view all versions.
The Type and Sub-type filters.
Search as a dynamic filter.
If you use the sort and filter functions of the Creo application instead of the sort function in Windchill, the Creo filter is applied over the Windchill filter. The Creo application can only sort by a column. The File Open dialog box filters out objects such as WTParts and managed baselines regardless of the table view filter.