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About Performing ATB Tasks on Non-Native CAD Data
If you enabled Associative Topology Bus (ATB) and have registered the Windchill 9.1 or later server, you can access the following ATB commands from Model > Operations > ATB in the Creo application such as Creo Parametric to perform the ATB tasks on the derived and the primary CAD content retrieved from non-native CAD documents stored in the servers. You can also right-click an ATB-enabled feature or a Translated Image Model (TIM) on the Model Tree and access these ATB commands on the shortcut menu.
Check Status—Checks the status of the derived product structures or TIMs, whether out-of-date or up-to-date with respect to the source. Check Status verifies if the derived CAD documents are up-to-date with the source CAD documents
Update—Updates the TIMs that show the out-of-date status. Update synchronizes the derived structure and the contents of the TIMs with the primary structure and the content of the source non-native CAD models.
Change Link—Relinks a TIM to another source CAD model listed in the references of the details page of the workspace and the commonspace.
Make Independent—Breaks the association between a TIM or a derived CAD document and the source CAD model or the source CAD document. This break in association between a TIM and its source is permanent and cannot be established again.
Info > ATB Info—Displays details of the TIMs and the source CAD models in the Information Window of the Creo application. This command is available only on the shortcut menu that appears when you right-click an ATB-enabled feature or a TIM on the Model Tree.
Besides these tasks, you can:
Associate or dissociate CAD documents to a WTPart.
Set part and document configuration specifications to collect the associated WTParts and CAD documents.