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About Associating Two CAD Documents to a WTPart
You can link two CAD documents in different CAD structures to a single WTPart while creating or checking in the CAD document. You can use the relevant workspace option to associate CAD documents to a WTPart in a workspace when the CAD documents are viewed in the Creo browser. You can also associate CAD documents to the WTPart using appropriate options on the Folder page with the Information Page of the CAD document displayed in the Creo browser.
The two CAD documents are associated to the WTPart through a structural relationship, the active Build Link. Based on the functions of this active association, Build Links are of the following types:
Structure (S) link—Contributes to the creation of a product structure for the WTPart from the CAD documents.
Attribute (A) link—Passes attributes between a CAD document and its associated WTPart.
Representation (R) link—Creates CAD model representations (images) of a WTPart.
A Build Link is, therefore, a Structure-Attribute-Representation Link or a SAR Link. You can create multiple such build links, also called build rule links, between the CAD documents and a WTPart. Additionally, you can create the following associations based on the combination of the functional types:
Owner—Actively associates CAD documents to the WTPart. This association type is also termed as the SAR link as it enables functions that build structure, pass attributes, and create representations. It drives the creation of usage links in a product structure.
Contributing Image—Combines representation and the passing of attributes.
Image—Specifies the CAD model representations.
Contributing Content—Only allows the passing of attributes.
Content—Describes the part. Does not drive structure, pass attributes, or provide representations. This association type is passive, unlike the active build rule link.
Customization allows various other combinations of these association types. If a source model has a WTPart with an owner link, a new WTPart is not created for the TIM of the source model. The TIM associates with the WTPart of the source with a contributing image association.
Just as association is the process of linking CAD documents and WTParts and establishing and maintaining structural links between them, dissociation is the process of removing the links between WTParts and CAD documents. You can dissociate CAD documents and the WTParts when the structural relationship between them is not required.