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About the Validation Score and the Quality of Import
Creo compares the mass property values in the source models with the calculated values of the corresponding validation properties in the imported models. Based on the results of the comparison, Creo calculates a score that evaluates data conversion and retrieval, validates the import process, and determines the quality of import. The validation score assesses the import as successful, failed, or passed with warnings and is a measure of the data integrity of the imported models.
The Import Validation Report captures the details of the results of the comparison and reports the overall status of the imported models. It reports inconsistencies in the imported models, such as parts and their bodies failing to solidify, incomplete geometry, components missing in assemblies and incomplete product structures, and empty models. When part models or part components of assemblies contain multiple bodies, the Import Validation Report identifies an import failure even if a subset of their bodies fail to solidify. Import Status in the Import Validation Report indicates the overall status of the imported part or assembly models that corresponds with a value of the PTC_VAL_IMP_SCORE parameter. The Parameters dialog box displays the validation score as the value of the PTC_VAL_IMP_SCORE parameter.
The PTC_VAL_IMP_SCORE parameter has the following values:
PASS—Indicates that the model imported without reporting warnings or errors.
PASS_WITH_WARNINGS—Indicates that the model imported with warnings.
FAIL—Indicates that the model imported with at least a single failure, such as the part or the bodies of the part or component failed to solidify, the component failed to import, or components are missing in the assembly model.
Assemblies with missing components, including non-native assemblies opened in Creo using Creo Unite, usually display a validation score of FAIL. Even if the missing components are replaced by the placeholder models, as in ATB-enabled assemblies, PTC_VAL_IMP_SCORE parameter displays FAIL as its value.
To recalculate and update the validation score, you can reset the validation results in the Import Validation Settings dialog box and click Update in the Import Validation Report. The reset and recalculated values of the validation properties for an assembly model are recursively applied to its components. However, the recalculation of the validation score of a component does not automatically recalculate the validation score of the parent assembly.