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About Verifying Validation Parameters, the Import Status of Parts, and the Conversion Score
You can right-click an imported or non-native model on the Model Tree and click Parameters or click Tools > Parameters and verify the validation parameters of the model in the Parameters dialog box. The validation parameters are listed by their type as integers or strings, their values, units quantities as area, volume, or length, and model units in the Parameters dialog box. The validation parameters of the imported model are locked and are not designated by default.
In addition to the validation parameters for the mass properties values of surface area, volume, and the coordinates for the center of gravity (COG), the Parameters dialog box displays the following parameters:
PTC_VAL_IMP_PART_STATUS—Reports the import status of the part models. Though this parameter is not created for assembly models, it identifies the missing or failed components of assembly models. It has the following values:
OK—Parts successfully imported as solids.
SOLID_FAILED—Parts or one or more bodies of a part failed to solidify. The import validation property values are not calculated for the imported and non-native models because parts or a subset of bodies of a part failed to solidify after import.
IMPORT_FAILED—Parts failed to import.
MISSING_COMPONENT—Components are missing in the assembly model. Not valid for Translated Image Model (TIM) parts because TIM assemblies show broken links when components are missing.
PTC_VAL_IMP_NUMBER_OF_SOLIDS—Reports the number of solid bodies that exists in the imported part that consists of multiple solid bodies.
PTC_VAL_IMP_FAILED_SOLIDS—Reports the number of bodies of a part that failed to solidify.
PTC_VAL_IMP_SCORE—Reports the comparison results of the validation property values in the source models and the calculated validation property values of the imported models. The validation score is reported for the imported, regenerated, and updated part and assembly models. This parameter has the following values:
PASS—The comparison results do not indicate warnings or errors.
PASS_WITH_WARNINGS—The comparison results indicate warnings.
FAIL—The comparison results indicate at least a single failure, such as parts failed to solidify, parts failed to import, or components are missing in the assembly model.
PTC_VAL_IMP_MISSING_COMP_COUNT—Reports the missing components for each assembly node and sub-level of an assembly. This parameter is only created when components are missing and reports the following types of missing components:
Components that are non-native part and assembly models and is represented as an empty node in the assembly.
TIM components are missing because of the associative update or regeneration of the TIM assemblies. They are represented as placeholder models without import features or components and are updated when the components are found, located, and their links restored.
Components missing after the non-native or TIM assembly is regenerated.
Components have been moved, renamed, or deleted.
The PTC_VAL_IMP_NUMBER_OF_SOLIDS and the PTC_VAL_IMP_FAILED_SOLIDS validation parameters are only created when the imported part contains multiple bodies. These parameters are not created for single body part models.