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To Export a Model as a 2D Raster Image
1. In a model, click File > Save As > Save a Copy. The Save a Copy dialog box opens.
2. Select PDF (*.pdf) from the Type box. The default name without an extension appears in the New file name box.
3. Accept the default name or type a new one.
4. Click OK. The PDF Export Settings dialog box opens.
5. Click the General tab and set the following options:
Page—Sets page size to a standard or variable height and width.
The Creo model graphic is sized to fit on the selected page size within the user-defined margins.
Orientation—Sets the file orientation to Landscape or Portrait.
Margin—Specifies top and left margins.
Quality—Sets the resolution.
Color—Specifies color or grayscale.
6. Click the Content tab and set the following file options:
Views—Select Graphic Area to export the current model view. Click Selected view and choose a model view from the list. Click All views to export all model views.
Parameters—Select All to include parameter data for all objects in the PDF metadata. Select Designated to include only designated parameters, or None to exclude parameters from the export file.
7. Click the Security tab to set the following options:
Select Require a password to open the document to set a password.
Type a password and confirm it.
Click Restrict Viewer Operations to limit the changes a person viewing the document can make. Select one of the following levels of viewer operations:
Security Level
Possible Actions
View the document (default)
Filling in form fields and signing
Fill in form fields, create templates, add a digital signature
Inserting, deleteing and rotating pages
Insert, delete, and rotate pages, create bookmarks and thumbnails
Commenting, filling in form fields, and signing
Add or edit comments, fill in form fields, create template pages, add a digital signature
Any except extracting pages
All except extract document content
Select High Resolution or Low Resolution printing.
Specify a password in the Master Password box and confirm it.
8. On the Description tab, type document information in the Title, Author, Subject, and Keywords boxes.
9. Click OK. A 2D raster image is created.