About the Creo Interface for CADDS 5
The Creo Interface for CADDS 5 is an optional Creo installation component. You require a license to use this interface for the exchange of data between the Creo application and CADDS 5. With the Creo Interface for CADDS 5, you can import CADDS 5 part and assembly structures and export parts and assemblies to the native CADDS 5 format. You can use Creo Distributed Batch to process the data exchange tasks as batch operations.
You can transfer the following types of 3D geometry between Creo and CADDS 5: solid models, assembly structures, surfaces, wireframe curves, and points. The resulting part geometry is merged into a single import feature and there is no transfer of feature history or parametric relationships. The Cplane elements of the CADDS 5 models map to the coordinate systems of the Creo models.
You cannot transfer CADDS 5 2D or MEDUSA drawing data with this interface. The following CADDS 5 2D drawing entities are not supported:
Nodal Subfigures
Nodal lines
Associative Topology Bus and CADDS 5
CADDS 5 is an ATB-enabled data exchange format. ATB allows the associative update of imported data when changes are made to the native CADDS 5 data.
For information, see the Help on Associative Topology Bus.