About Defining Components by Path Location
In CADDS 5, you can define components of assemblies by explicitly building their path locations into the component. For each CADDS 5 assembly component node, you can designate a model by one of the following methods:
Model name only, such as part1, where the CADDS 5 component must exist in a valid search path.
Path location and model name, such as /proj1/revision3/part1, where the entire directory structure must exist in a valid search path.
For example, when the component model designation for a Concurrent Assembly Mock-up (CAMU) assembly node is /proj1/revision3/part1 and your session is set up as follows:
The CVPATH environment variable is set to /home/user1/old-parts
The extend_cvpath configuration option is set to /home/user1/new-parts
The following are valid locations for the imported part1 CADDS 5 model:
The embedded path of the component model definition must start relative to a defined search path or be a complete system path such as /proj1/revision3/part1. You cannot find part1 in /home/user1/old-parts/part1 or in /home/user1/new-parts/part1. The Creo application searches for /proj1/revision3/part1 in the defined search path, not part1 alone.
If the component designation of the CAMU node is the CADDS 5 model name only (part1), then both —/home/user1/old-parts/part1 and /home/user1/new-parts/part1 are valid locations.