To Import a CADDS 5 Part or Assembly
1. Set the CVPATH environment variable, if required.
2. Click File > Open. The File Open dialog box opens.
3. Click the Type arrow to see more options.
4. Select CADDS5 in the Type box. The browser defaults to one of the paths defined in your CVPATH environment variable. This path appears in the Look In box.
If the CVPATH is not defined, the browser, by default, displays the contents of the current working directory.
5. Click the Look In arrow to display a list of the paths defined in the CVPATH environment variable.
6. Select the path from which you want to import a part or assembly.
7. Double-click the name of the CADDS 5 part or assembly you want to import.
8. The Import New Model dialog box opens. Part or Assembly is automatically selected.
9. Select an existing format-specific import profile from the Profile list to replace the import profile in use or click Details to open CADDS5 - Import Profile and customize the import profile settings if required.
10. Click OK. The CADDS 5 part or assembly is imported with Associative Topology Bus (ATB) capabilities. The import log file is automatically generated in the working directory.