About IGES Groups
An IGES group is a collection of drawing notes and model edges that belong to a specific drawing view and component, and are associated within the receiving system.
Use iges_export_dwg_views configuration option to replace the IGES group. If you set this configuration option to yes, all entities related to a specific view receive the same view ID in the IGES file.
The Creo application exports IGES groups as IGES associativity entity type 402, form 7. Although IGES does not assign a particular associativity to these groups, some receiving systems support them and assign a special meaning, such as features or components, to them.
The Creo application exports IGES grouped view entities (2D views only) for the following entity types: 108, 404, 406:15, 406:16, 406:17, and 410. If you set the intf_in_dwg_view configuration option to 2D_VIEWS, you can use 2D views to manipulate the view by moving the view or changing the scale. Dimensions created on these views understand the view scale and create the correct dimension. Entities that are sheet annotations are referenced to IGES overlay view.
When selecting items for an IGES group, keep in mind the following:
For a part, you must select model edges, cosmetic features, and silhouette edges from the same member in the same view. If you select one member of a cosmetic feature, you select all members of this feature.
For an assembly, all entities must belong to the same assembly member shown in the same view.
You can use standard notes and balloon notes from any view or those that are unattached.
You can add layers to a group.