To Create an IGES Group
1. In a drawing, click Tools > Utilities > IGES Group. The IGES GROUPS menu appears.
2. Click Create.
3. Type a name for the IGES group and click the check mark.
4. Select a drawing view in a part drawing or an assembly member in an assembly drawing from which you want to select items. The SEL OPTION menu appears.
5. Select one of the following from the SEL OPTION menu:
Sel Items—Select items by selecting from the screen. As you select items, they are highlighted.
Sel Layers—Select items by choosing a layer to which they belong. Choose the layer name from the LAYER SEL menu. An IGES group can contain more than one layer.
Sel Chain—Creates a group consisting of a chain of edges by specifying the first and the last element in the chain. To switch between the chain edges, use Next and Previous on the CHOOSE menu. To finish, choose Accept.
6. After you have made your selections, click Done Sel.