To Edit an IGES Group
1. In a drawing, click Tools > Utilities > IGES Group. The IGES GROUPS menu appears.
2. Click Edit.
3. Type the name of an existing group and click checkmark, or press ENTER to quit.
4. Select one of the following from the SEL OPTION menu:
Sel Items—Adds items to the group or removes them from the group. Choose one of these options from the EDIT IGES GP menu:
Add Items—Adds selected items to the current group.
Remove Items—Removes selected items from the current group.
Sel Layers—Changes layers in the group. Removes a check mark from the layers you want to remove, and checks those you want to add to the current IGES group.
Sel Chain—Adds a chain of edges by specifying the first and the last element in the chain.
5. To confirm your selections, click Done Sel.