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About Scaling Imported Drawings and Setting Margins to Fit Sheet Size
The imported drawings are placed on the standard-size drawing sheet format in the Creo application when the drawing sheet size of the imported drawings match the standardCreo drawing sheet size.
For drawings in the IGES, STEP, DXF, DWG, MEDUSA, STHENO/PRO, and CGM file formats, when the drawing sheet sizes vary from the standard Creo drawing sheet size, drawing sheets of different sizes are automatically created in the Creo application. This depends on the sheet size information contained in the imported file formats. If the imported files do not contain the drawing sheet size information, the imported drawings are placed on standard Creo drawing sheets whose size is closest to the outlines of the imported files.
When you import a DXF drawing file consisting of multiple drawing sheets of variable size, a single drawing is created in the Creo application with multiple sheets corresponding to the number of drawing sheets contained in the DXF file. The variable sizes of the drawing sheets are maintained in the Creo application. Alternatively, for each sheet of the drawing, a standard-size drawing sheet that is nearest in size to the original drawing sheet is created in the Creo application.
Not only can you scale the imported drawings to fit the Creo sheet size, you can also set the top, bottom, left, and right margins of the drawing frame in the Creo application. You can configure each margin to appropriate drawing units so that the origin of an imported drawing is placed relative to the origin of the drawing frame and the drawing extents fall within the drawing frame. The Creo application then fits the drawing data within the defined rectangular area or bounding box on the drawing sheet.
You can set the following configuration options to appropriate drawing units to define the margins of the drawing sheet:
If the values assigned for the margins exceed the drawing sheet size, the Creo application ignores the invalid margin values and displays a warning message. The message asks you to confirm whether you want to scale the imported drawing to fit theCreo drawing sheet size.