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To Define Gaps and Slivers Using the Search Tool
1. Click Tools > Find. The Search Tool opens.
2. To define slivers, select Slivers under Look for. Alternatively, to define gaps, select Gaps under Look for.
3. On the Attributes tabbed page, under Rule, ensure that Size is selected. This size represents the maximum distance between the two gap or sliver sides.
4. Click Find Now with Value set to the required value. Select a value from the Most Recently Used (MRU) value list. This list includes the system default. The Search Tool searches for gaps or slivers that have a value less than or equal to the value specified for Value. A list of items found and an area to transfer selected items are displayed.
5. Select the required gaps or slivers under the items found list and click to transfer the selected gaps or slivers to the items selected collector.
6. Click Close in the Search Tool dialog box.