To Use the Match Tool
1. Activate and select a set of surfaces or wireframe curves.
2. Click Heal > Match on the Import DataDoctor tab.
Make sure that all the wireframes or surfaces selected belong to the active component node or a component node that consists of the active surface set.
The Match Frozen Surfaces warning dialog box opens if the selected surface set includes analytical surfaces or explicitly frozen surfaces. It warns you that these surfaces will be unfrozen after they are modified. Click Yes to continue with the task. The Match tab opens.
3. Click the Options tab and select one of the following options:
Display original Surfaces—Displays the original surfaces and the corresponding wireframes and tangency.
Display new Surfaces—Displays only the new surfaces, their wireframes, and tangency. This is the default.
Display new and original Surfaces—Displays the original and new surfaces. No wireframe and tangency are displayed.
4. Check the Repair Tangency check box to fix the unsatisfied tangency conditions of the wireframes.
If you set the idd_repair_tangency configuration option to yes, Repair Tangency is selected by default on the Match tab.
Clear the Repair Tangency check box to restore the initial tangency constraints. The object returns to the initial state that existed before the repair when you clear this check box.
5. Click .