About the Match Tool
You can use the Match tool to repair problem surfaces and the unsatisfied topological connections of surfaces and fix the associated tangency conditions in the imported model. Use the Match tool especially when the problem geometry includes surfaces with more than four sides and black wireframes. Black wireframes represent unsatisfied topological connections while black arrows represent unsatisfied tangency constraints between surfaces.
You must first attempt to use the Repair tool to repair problem geometry. You can use the Match tool when Repair fails, especially when geometry includes surfaces with more than four sides.
The Match tool modifies surfaces regardless of their frozen state to fix unsatisfied topological connections and tangency conditions between surfaces. Surfaces are frozen for reasons such as they are analytical, of a high order, are trimmed surfaces with more than four sides, or are explicitly frozen. Analytical surfaces are frozen by default.
You can decide whether to explicitly fix tangency constraints using the Repair Tangency option available with this tool. The Match tool attempts to preserve the original parameterization of the surfaces except that of analytical surfaces. The Match tool converts analytical surfaces to free-form surfaces and does not preserve their parameterization. The Match Frozen Surfaces dialog box warns you that analytical surfaces and surfaces that are explicitly frozen are unfrozen after they are modified.
However, the frozen state of the surfaces with more than four sides and high order surfaces is restored after the Match operation. Unlike the Repair tool, the Match tool can repair problem surfaces with more than four sides as it ignores the frozen state of the surfaces. It repairs such surfaces without splitting them into four-sided patches.
Match and Repair are available only when an active surface set or an active component exists in the imported model. For Match and Repair, you can select wireframes or surfaces from the active component or the component in which active surfaces exist. However, you can use Match only when you explicitly select wireframe curves or surfaces, or both.
The Match tool has a user interface that is similar to that of the Repair tool. The valid geometry for this tool consists of a set of surfaces or wireframe curves, or both. If you select a surface of the gap to match, the Match tool only deforms the selected surface. However, if you select the wireframe gap, the Match tool deforms all the associated surfaces. These surfaces and curves must belong to the same component.