About Surface Operations
Surface operations in IDD apply to the following class of objects:
Free form surfaces such as Spline surfaces, B-spline surfaces, and Bezier surfaces.
Converted Plane, Cylinder, Extrude and Revolve procedural surfaces.
You can use the commands on the Edit tab of Import DataDoctor to perform the following surface operations:
Modify ( Modify)—You can modify the shape of a free form surface by tweaking its control polyhedron. When you modify procedural surfaces, IDD invokes the original conversion UI for the appropriate surface type. You can change orientation references, tweak the orientation, or modify any other inputs specific to the converted surface type such as the diameter of a cylinder or the section of an extrusion.
Extrapolate ( Extrapolate)—You can extend or shrink the domain of a surface in one or more directions. Extrapolation is applicable to any single leaf surface whose parent node is not a component and converted procedural surfaces.
Constraint management or Align ( Align)—You can manage constraints only for free form surfaces. Only natural or untrimmed surface boundaries may be aligned.