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About Fixing Section Profiles That Fail Validation
When validation of the section profile fails, you must fix the drafting entities selected for the creation of the section profile that has failed validation before proceeding to the next step of the feature creation process. You can add, delete, divide, and edit entities to close loops, remove intersecting and overlapping entities, retain entities as part of the section profile fix, and so on.
You can display a list of the checks performed as part of the section profile validation by using under Section Profile Validation in the feature creation wizard. Each validation check reports success or failure. For example, the Closed Loop check reports Failed after validation if a single loop is open. The end points of the open loop are highlighted in yellow on the drawing.
You can fix the section profile based on the checks that have failed validation. For example, to close open loops, you must first select and highlight the Closed Loop or the Multiple Closed Loops validation check that has failed validation in the list. Then select one of the following operations that is most suitable as the section profile fix: