About ATB-enabled CADDS 5
Associative Topology Bus CADDS 5 provides both CADDS 5 and Creo Parametric users with a heterogeneous environment. You can:
Export Creo Parametric parts and assemblies to the CADDS 5 format to create CADDS 5 TIM parts and assemblies.
Import CADDS 5 parts and assemblies to Creo Parametric from the CADDS 5 environment to create Creo Parametric TIM parts and assemblies.
Check the status and update the Creo Parametric TIM parts and assemblies in Creo Parametric.
For CADDS 5 TIMs, as part of the Check Status criteria, the CVPATH directories are searched in the order they are defined by the CVPATH environment variable, regardless of the directory into which the CADDS 5 model was initially imported. The referenced CADDS 5 models must be located in one of the directory paths designated in the CVPATH environment variable.
For more information on the procedure to import from and export to CADDS 5, see the Interface Help. For more information on CADDS 5 Associative Topology Bus, see Using Associative Topology Bus Enabled CADDS 5 in the CADDS 5 documentation set.