About Setting the CVPATH
You must set the CVPATH environment variable before you start your Creo Parametric session. You can use the extend_cvpath configuration option to add paths for the CVPATH environment variable during your Creo Parametric session.
Creo Parametric searches for CADDS 5 components in the current working directory, or uses the CVPATH environment variable as a reference point for locating components in other directories. To check the status of the imported CADDS 5 Translated Image Models (TIMs) and update them in Creo Parametric, the referenced CADDS 5 models must be located in one of the directory paths designated in the CVPATH environment variable.
If the CVPATH environment variable is not set explicitly, Creo Parametric uses the start-up directory of Creo Parametric as the default CVPATH setting and designates it as the creation directory. Make sure the CVPATH variable is set correctly, as it was defined in the original location.
You can designate more than one search path when you set the CVPATH variable. Paths are either full or relative paths to directories on disks where CADDS 5 models are stored.
For more information about how to set the CVPATH environment variable and define components by path location, see the Interface Help.