About Configuration Options
1. You can customize the way you use Creo Intelligent Fastener by setting configuration options. Each option contains the following information:
The name of the configuration option.
Default and available variables or values.
A brief description and notes describing the configuration option.
2. Click Tools > Intelligent Fastener > Options to open the Intelligent Fastener Options dialog box. The options are grouped into the following four tabs:
Dowel Pins
3. In the Directory box, select one of the following:
Configuration folder of the IFX installation to set values for configuration options of current and future IFX sessions. To customize paths that appear in the Directory list, set the environment variable as IFX_USER_CONFIG_PATH. You can add one path, or to add multiple paths put a semicolon between them.
Current Session to set values for configuration options that apply only to your current IFX session.
4. Click to open the current configuration directory in the file explorer.
5. Click the Value box next to the option and select or type the value. You can set values for multiple configuration options before clicking OK or Apply.
6. Click Default values to set all configuration options to their default values.
7. Click Discard changes to discard the changes in the current IFX session.
8. Click Apply to apply your changes. Click OK to accept changes and close the dialog box, or click Cancel.