Varied References
When a model contains Inheritance features or other data sharing features, you may need to reroute references contained in the Inheritance feature to entities outside the Inheritance feature. In assemblies, references can be made to models other than the target model, as long as the model is within the assembly.
The reference (original) part is listed in the reference collector on the Merge/Inheritance tab while the target part (the one that is activated in the Model Tree) contains the Inheritance features. When a reference is varied, the change is made only in the target part, the original part does not change. To change the references of the original part and the target model, remove the varied references and make the change to the original part.
You can replace references for all types of features except nested Inheritance features and those features using surface or chain collection to define references.
You can replace references for an Annotation Feature (a sub-Inheritance feature) only with references inside the Inheritance feature.
The Replace References command for Inheritance feature subnodes is available by clicking Model > Operations > Replace References. For more information, search the Help Center.