Surfacing > Warp > Bend Operation > To Bend Geometry
To Bend Geometry
1. Click Warp > to open the Bend tab and to display the marquee for the geometry.
2. Click Marquee. The Marquee tab opens.
3. Set one or more of the marquee options.
4. Click until you see the axis aligned in the direction that you want to bend the geometry.
5. If required, click to reverse the direction of the bend axis. Alternatively, right-click and select Reverse Axis.
6. If required, click to shift the tilt direction by 90 degrees. Alternatively, right-click and select Shift Tilt.
7. Type a value for bending the geometry in the Angle box on the Bend tab, or drag the bend handle.
8. Click the Options tab and specify the following parameters:
Pivot—Type a value from 0 to 1. Pivot is the point on the bend axis about which the geometry bends. You can move the pivot between the start and the end of the bend axis. At the ends the pivot value is 0 and 1. The pivot is exactly midway between the two endpoints when the pivot value is 0.5.
Tilt–Type a value for the tilt angle to change the direction of the bend.
Alternatively, drag the pivot point, a square handle at the base of the tilt arrow, along the bend axis to change the pivot of the bend, or drag the tilt arrow to change the direction of the bend.
9. Select the Depth box on the tab to enable controlling the depth of the bend operation. Set the Depth options on the Marquee tab.
10. Click Marquee. The Marquee tab opens.
11. To customize the marquee for the bend operation, set the following parameters:
References—Select optional references for the marquee.
Active Axis—Type Start and End values to determine the size of the marquee. The range depends on the Marquee Size type that you selected.
Depth—The depth definitions determine the gradual effect of the bend operation.
Start—Type the proportion of the geometry the bend operation is applied to. For example, if you type 15 the bend operation has a 100 percent effect on the first 15 percent of the geometry.
End—Type the proportion of the geometry the bend operation is applied to. For example, if you type 85 the bend operation has no effect (0 percent effect) on the remaining 15 percent of the geometry.
Marquee Size—Select a method of measurement to set the dimensions of the active axis.
When you create an Absolute marquee size and use optional references, you must edit the referenced object outside of the Warp feature to change the marquee's length.
12. Click Center Axis to keep the marquee centered on the axis of the optional reference.
13. Select another warp operation to complete the current warp operation or click to complete the Warp feature.