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About the Warp Tool
Use the Warp tool to alter the form and shape of bodies, quilts, facet geometry, and curves. This feature is parametric, and records the history of warp operations applied to the model. The Warp tool contains the following operations:
—Transforms, rotates, and scales geometry.
—Uses edges and corners of a marquee to change the shape of the geometry.
—Reshapes the geometry by manipulating the defining points of a curve. The deformation can be linear or radial.
—Stretches the geometry along an axis. You can control the range and scale of the stretch.
—Bends the geometry along an axis. You can control the bend angle, the range of bend, pivot point, and the bend radius.
—Twists the geometry around an axis. You can control the angle of the twist and the range of the twisting effect.
—Sculpts the geometry using a mesh. Sculpt can be performed on one or both sides of the selected geometry.
You cannot use external references to define a Warp feature.