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About the Marquee
The warp tools use a marquee to modify model geometry. The marquee is a 3D bounding box that appears in the graphics window when you select a portion of a model. The target geometry is warped according to the changes you make to the marquee.
Use the Marquee tab to specify the marquee dimensions and location parameters. You select references to create a custom marquee for the following Warp tools:
Specifying Marquee References
Enter one or more references in the References box to set the boundaries for a custom marquee. These optional references can be geometry, bodies, datum planes or points, or intent objects. A body consists of solid geometry that is made of the same material. The marquee can be snapped to any plane.
You cannot specify optional references for Warp features created before Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0.
Setting Marquee Size
You control the warp based on the area to which you apply the marquee. The Active Axis parameters, or Rows and Columns for Sculpt operations, define the marquee size. Type in the desired dimensions. The units are based on the Marquee Size command you select:
Marquee Size
The distance measured from the start or end of the default marquee to the Start or End point you set.
The distance measured from the default marquee start and end points—both set to 0—to the Start Offset and End Offset points you set.
The relative distance measured from the start and end points of the default marquee. The initial start point is 0 and the end point is 100.
Selecting a Center Axis (Bend and Twist only)
Use the Center Axis command to place the marquee axis at the center of the marquee references, instead of at the center of the selected geometry. When the Center Axis box is selected, you cannot drag the marquee, but you can edit its size in directions that do not traverse the center axis placement.
Returning the Defaults
Click Reset to return the marquee to its default dimensions. If your marquee includes optional references, the marquee is reset to the bounding box of the optional references.