To Analyze Connections
1. Click Style > Connection or Analysis > Inspect Geometry > Connection. The Connection Analysis dialog box opens.
2. Click the References collector and select a reference or references to analyze their connections. You can select solids, surfaces, quilts, curves, or edges.
3. To analyze the connections at the intersection between two or more references, select the Intersection only check box.
4. To select the level of connection to analyze, select G0 - Position, G1 - Tangency, G2 - Curvature, or G3 - Acceleration.
5. In the Tolerance box, type a tolerance value. The units for tolerance automatically appear in model units for G0, degrees for G1, and percent for G2 and G3.
6. To set the display Style, select one option:
Highlight edges—Shows green in areas along the edges where the connection meets the level of tolerance, and shows red in areas along the edges where the connection does not meet it.
Show spikes—Shows red spikes in areas where the connection does not meet the level of tolerance.
7. Click to expand the Display options, and set any of these options:
To show the analysis results as text in the graphics window, in the Notes list, select All to show both minimal and maximal results, or select Maximal to show the maximal results.
To show tooltips when you move your pointer over the references for the connection analysis, select the Enable tooltips check box.
To show only areas where the connection does not meet the required level of tolerance, select the Show only connections that fail check box.
Quality—Sets the quality of the plot.
Scale—Sets the plot scale.
Style—Sets the plot style to one of the following options:
—Shows spikes and connects them with smooth lines.
—Shows spikes and connects them with straight lines.
—Shows spikes.
8. To define the type of analysis, select an option:
Quick—Shows the analysis until you close the Connection dialog box.
Saved—Saves the analysis with the model. Type a name for the analysis. For more information, see About a Saved Analysis in the Fundamentals section of the help.
The analysis results appear in the Results area. A messages shows if the requirements for the selected type of connection are satisfied. The minimum and maximum values for the references are shown. For more detailed information, click to open an information window.
9. Click OK.