About Curve Connections
Curve connections are created using the Curve Edit tool. A connection has a leader curve and a follower curve. The leader curve maintains its shape, while the follower curve's shape changes to meet the leader.
You can make the following connections between curves:
Symmetric—Average of the tangents at the end points.
G1 - Tangent—Tangent of the follower curve matches that of the leader curve and has tangent continuity.
G2 - Curvature—A tangent connection that maintains curvature continuity.
G3 - Acceleration—A curvature connection that maintains the same amount of change in the curvature.
You can make the following connections between curves and neighboring surfaces:
G1 - Surface Tangent—Follows the cross-boundary tangent of the parent surface.
G2 - Surface Curvature—Follows the cross-boundary curvature of the parent surface.
G3 - Surface Acceleration—Follows the cross-boundary acceleration of the parent surface.
Draft Tangent—Sets the tangent at an angle to the selected plane or surface.