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About the Connection Analysis User Interface
Click Style > Connection or Analysis > Inspect Geometry > Connection to open the Connection Analysis dialog box.
References collector—Displays the references for which to analyze the connections.
Intersection only check box—Analyzes the connections at the intersection between the references.
Connection options—Analyzes the connections for the selected level of connection.
G0 - Position—Analyzes the position connections in the units set for the model.
G1 - Tangency—Analyzes the tangent connections in degrees.
G2 - Curvature—Analyzes the curvature connections in percent calculated using the following formula:
(maximum curvature value – minimum curvature value)/maximum curvature value.
G3 - Acceleration—Analyzes the curvature connections in percent.
Tolerance—Sets the tolerance for the selected connection type. The units for the tolerance change based on the connection type.
Results—Shows the minimum and maximum value for the analysis.
—Opens an information window that shows the results in greater detail.
Highlight edges—Shows green in areas along the edges where the connection meets the level of tolerance, and shows red in areas along the edges where the connection does not meet it.
Show spikes—Shows red spikes in areas where the connection does not meet the level of tolerance.
Display options—Click to expand this section, and click to collapse it.
Notes options
None—Does not show results as text in the graphics window.
All—Shows both minimum and maximum results.
Maximal—Shows the maximal results.
Enable tooltips check box—Shows tooltips when you move your pointer over the references for the connection analysis.
Show only connections that fail check box—Shows only areas where the connection does not meet the required level of tolerance.
Quality slider and box—Sets the quality of the plot.
Scale dial and box—Sets the scale of the plot.
Style options
—Shows spikes and connects them with smooth lines.
—Shows spikes and connects them with straight lines.
—Shows spikes.
Analysis use
Quick—Shows the analysis until you close the Connection dialog box.
Saved—Saves the analysis with the model and gives the analysis a name.
Repeat—Repeats the current analysis.