Surfacing > Creo Reverse Engineering (Restyle) > Creating Curves in Restyle > To Create a Curve Using the Isoline Analysis
To Create a Curve Using the Isoline Analysis
1. Analyze the facet feature using any of the following analysis tools on the Analysis tab:
Curvature > Shaded Curvature
Inspect Geometry > Slope
2. Save the computed analysis.
3. Click Restyle > Curve > Analysis - Isoline.
4. Select points on faceted data that approximately correspond to the required value (color) of the analysis and lie on the same curve. Middle-click to finish selection.
Selection of a single point causes the creation of a closed curve that follows the selected value of the analysis.
Selection of multiple points causes the creation of an open curve that approximately passes through the selected points while following the same slope value.
The resulting curve is a curve on facets. It can be used to create domains and for automatic surfacing.