About Restyle (Reverse Engineering)
Restyle (Reverse Engineering) enables you to rebuild a surface CAD model on top of faceted or triangulated data. You can import the faceted data directly or create it by conversion of point set data using the Facet Modeling functionality of Creo Parametric.
The faceted data is saved in the STL or stereolithography format. The STL format is an ASCII file with an .stl extension consisting of a list of faceted data. Each facet is uniquely identified by a unit normal and three vertices or corners. A unit normal is a line perpendicular to the triangle and with a length of 1.0. The normal and each vertex are specified by three coordinates each, resulting in 12 numbers being stored for each facet. The format also includes rules to ensure that the facets or triangles are all properly connected at the nodes.
Restyle provides a comprehensive set of automatic, semi-automatic, and manual tools that you can use to perform the following tasks:
Create and modify curves, including curves on faceted data.
Use surface analysis on faceted data to create isoline and extremum curves. These isoline curves represent selected points on faceted data that approximately correspond to the value of the isoline analysis. The extremum curves represent the selected points on the faceted data that approximately correspond to the extreme values of the extremum analysis.
Create and edit analytical, extruded, and revolved surfaces using the faceted data.
Create, edit, and manipulate freeform polynomial surfaces, including high degree B-spline and Bezier surfaces using the faceted data and curves.
Fit freeform surfaces to faceted data.
Create and manage connectivity constraints, including position, tangency, and curvature constraints between surfaces and curves.
Manage connectivity and tangency constraints between surfaces.
Perform basic surface modeling operations, including extrapolation and merging of surfaces.
Automatically create spline surfaces on faceted data.
Create a symmetry plane that enables you to build and mirror individual halves of geometry.
To use Restyle, you must have the Technical Surfacing and Restyle licenses.
Datum points, datum curves, and datum planes that you create inside Restyle are a part of the Restyle feature. You cannot modify them.
You can use the Surface CAD model created in Restyle in all downstream operations and applications of Creo Parametric.