To Create a Restyle Feature
If you are already working on faceted data, perform only the last step.
1. Click Home > New to start creating a Creo part. The New dialog box opens.
2. Create the part, and click OK. The Model tab opens.
3. Click Model > Get Data > Import. The Open dialog box opens.
4. Select the faceted data file to open and click Import. The File dialog box opens.
5. Click OK. The faceted feature opens in the part, and the Import tab opens.
6. To specify the coordinate system to use as a reference for inserting the geometry:
a. Select the Placement tab.
b. Select Coord Sys option.
c. Click the Coordinate System collector, and then select a coordinate system.
7. Click . The Import tab closes.
8. Click Model > Surfaces > Restyle. The Restyle tab opens.