About the Restyle User Interface
The Restyle tab consists of commands. Click Model > Surface > Restyle to open the Restyle tab.
Curve > On Facet—Inserts a curve projected onto a facet feature.
Curve > On Surface—Inserts a curve projected onto a surface.
Curve > Through Snap Points—Inserts a free curve through points that snap to geometry.
Curve > Section—Inserts a curve at the intersection of a plane and a facet feature.
Curve > From Edge—Inserts a curve on a surface edge.
Curve > Analysis - Extremum—Inserts a curve on the extremum of a saved surface analysis.
Curve > Analysis - Isoline—Inserts a curve on the isoline of a saved surface analysis.
Curve > From Facet Border—Inserts a curve on the border of an open facet feature.
Curve > From Sharp Edges—Inserts a curve along the sharp edges of a facet feature.
Curve > Style—Inserts a Style curve.
Combine—Combines two curve.
Split—Splits one curve into two curves.
Create Domain—Creates a domain inside a closed loop.
Add Loop—Adds a domain loop. Removes the facet vertices inside the loop from the domain.
Remove Loop—Removes a domain loop. Adds the facet vertices inside the loop to the domain.
Merge Domains—Merges two domains.
Assign Domain To Srf—Assigns a domain to a polynomial surface.
Auto Surface—Opens the Auto Surface tab.
Analytical Surface > Plane—Inserts a planar analytical surface.
Analytical Surface > Cylinder—Inserts a cylindrical analytical surface.
Analytical Surface > Cone—Inserts a conical analytical surface.
Analytical Surface > Revolve—Inserts a revolved analytical surface.
Analytical Surface > Extrude—Inserts an extruded analytical surface.
Analytical Surface > SymmPlane—Inserts a symmetry datum plane.
Polynomial Surface > 4 Curves—Inserts a rectangular surface bounded by four curves.
Polynomial Surface > 3 Curves—Inserts a rectangular surface generated from three curves.
Polynomial Surface > 2 Curves—Inserts a rectangular surface generated from two curves.
Polynomial Surface > Loft—Inserts a loft surface from multiple curves in one direction.
Polynomial Surface > Surface from Net—Inserts a surface from a net of curves in two directions.
Polynomial Surface > Box—Inserts a rectangular surface projected onto a facet feature by dragging a box.
Polynomial Surface > Corners—Inserts a rectangular surface projected onto a facet feature by defining its four corners.
Polynomial Surface > Midpoints—Inserts a rectangular surface onto a facet feature by defining the midpoints of all four boundaries.
Polynomial Surface > Triangular—Inserts a triangular surface bounded by three curves.
Modify Shape—Modifies the shape of a curve or surface.
Mathematical Properties—Edits the mathematical properties of a surface.
Align—Connects and aligns the non-constrained endpoints of curves and boundaries of surfaces.
Detach—Releases a curve or surface from the object to which it is attached.
Projection—Projects a curve or surface onto a surface or facet feature.
Fit Surface to Points—Fits a surface to reference points.
Extend—Extends the non-constrained boundaries of surfaces.
Display Constraints—Displays curve or surface constraints.
Edit > Reference Point Setup—Sets up the reference points assigned to a surface to be used for fitting.
Edit > Copy—Copies curves and surfaces.
Restyle Analysis—Opens the Restyle Diagnostic dialog box.
Restyle Tree—Displays the Restyle Tree.