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About the Freestyle Tree
Freestyle Tree appears when you create or edit a Freestyle feature. The Freestyle Tree appears below the Model Tree and lists the shapes under the selected Freestyle feature. Further, the shapes can have aligned regions under them. One shape can have multiple aligned regions. Align region indicates the aligned entities of a shape. The shapes are listed in the order they are created. You can modify a shape irrespective of the order.
On the Freestyle Tree, select a shape, right-click, and select one of the following options:
Lock—Locks the control mesh of the selected shape but allows you to view the shape in the Graphics window.
Hide—Hides the selected shape.
Isolate—Hides all shapes except the selected shape.
Show All—Displays all shapes for the selected Freestyle feature.
Suppress—Suppresses the selected shape.
, , Resolution Level—Applies resolution. The number in the icon represents the level of resolution.
Subdivide—Subdivides the selected shape.
Duplicate—Creates a copy of the selected shape at the same location in the coordinate system. The new shape is listed below the selected shape on the Freestyle Tree.
Flip Normal—Flips the orientation of surfaces of the selected shape. You can use this command to reorient the imported shapes. You can flip multiple shapes simultaneously.
Rename—Allows you to rename a shape.
Delete—Deletes the selected shape.
Customize—Allows you to add or remove command using the Shortcut Menus.
The Show Menu
Click to open the Show menu. You can set the following options from the menu:
Expand All—Expands all shapes in the Freestyle feature.
Collapse All—Collapses all shapes under the Freestyle feature.
Preselection Highlighting—Allows you to highlight shapes in the graphics window as you point to them in the Freestyle Tree.
Auto Locate in Tree—Allows you to locate the shape in the Freestyle Tree as you select that shape or its elements in the graphics window.