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About Freestyle
The Freestyle Modeling environment provides commands to create smooth and well defined B-spline surfaces quickly and easily using a polygonal control mesh. You can manipulate and recursively subdivide faces, edges, or vertices of the control mesh to create new vertices and faces. The positions of the new vertices in the control mesh are calculated based on the positions of the nearby old vertices. This process produces a denser control mesh than the original mesh. The resultant geometry is called a Freestyle surface. The faces, edges, or vertices on the control mesh are called mesh elements. A Freestyle surface along with all its references constitutes a Freestyle feature.
Freestyle surfaces possess the characteristics of both NURBS and polygon surfaces. Like NURBS surfaces, Freestyle surfaces can produce smooth geometry and can be shaped using very few control vertices. Like polygon surfaces, you can extrude specific areas of Freestyle surfaces to create detail.
Open a new or an existing part and click Model > Freestyle to enter the Freestyle Modeling environment.