Surfacing > Facet Modeling > Facet Handling > Symmetry Plane > To Create a Symmetry Plane
To Create a Symmetry Plane
1. Click Facet > Symmetry Plane. The Plane dialog box opens.
2. To select references for the symmetry plane, under References, click and select a Coordinate system, Origin Point, and Direction.
3. To set coordinates for the origin point, under Origin point coordinates, specify values for X, Y, and Z.
4. If required, specify values for Direction angular dimensions.
YOZ, XOZ, and XOY represent the angular dimensions between the Y and Z, X and Z, and X and Y directions, respectively.
5. To preview the symmetry plane, click Preview.
6. To discard changes made in the Plane dialog box, click Undo. You can specify new values for Coordinate system, Origin point, Direction, Origin point coordinates, and Direction angular dimensions again.
7. Click OK. The symmetry plane is generated for the entire faceted surface.