The Facet Tab
The Facet tab consists of commands. It is used for the Facet phase of facet modeling.
The Facet tab opens when you click Model > Get Data > Import and import an .stl, .wrl, or .asc file. You can also open the Facet tab by clicking Points > Facet or Wrap > Facet.
Clean—Cleans the faceted geometry by creating sharp edges or by making the surface smooth.
Decimate—Reduces the number of facets.
Refine—Improves the shape of the facet model by increasing the density of facets and optionally moving facet vertices.
Relax—Makes the faceted surface smooth by changing the coordinates of the facet vertices in an iterative manner.
Offset—Offsets an entire faceted model or a subset of a facet feature.
Trim—Trims the faceted surface by using a datum plane.
Symmetry Plane—Creates a symmetry plane for the entire faceted model.
Delete—Deletes selected facets.
Fill Hole—Fills gaps in the faceted geometry such that the faceted surface is continuous.
Edit Facet
Add Facet—Adds facets to the facet geometry by using the specified vertices.
Split Edge—Adds facets by splitting the selected facet edge.
Flip Edge—Reverses the orientation of two facets.
Make Manifold—Creates a manifold representation of the faceted surface.
Region Style
Inside/across box—Selects points, triangles, or facets that partially or completely lie inside the rectangular marquee.
Inside polygon—Selects points, triangles, or facets that completely lie inside the polygon.
Paintbrush—Selects points, triangles, or facets through which the stroke of the paintbrush traverses.
Inside ellipse—Selects points, triangles, or facets that completely lie inside the elliptical marquee.
Select by Length—Selects facets with an edge of length greater than or equal to the specified value.
Select Connected Component—Highlights all the facets in the subset of a facet feature connected to the selected facet.
Reverse Selection—Reverses the selection of facets so that the facets that were previously selected are not selected any more, and the facets that were not previously selected are selected and highlighted.
Facet Side Selection
Select Front Facets—Selects facets at the front of the model.
Select Back Facets—Selects facets at the back of the model.
Select Visible Only—Selects only visible facets. Does not select hidden facets.
Facet Display—Toggles the facet display.
Return to Point Phase—Returns to the Point phase from the Facet phase, and opens the Points tab. Available only when you import a new set of points, and is not available when you edit an existing Facet feature.
Cancel—Closes the Facet tab without saving any changes.
OK—Saves your changes and closes the Facet tab.