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About Facet Modeling
Facet modeling involves:
Importing point sets obtained by scanning the object.
Correcting errors in the point set geometry that may have resulted due to the limitations of the scanning devices used.
Creating a wrap and correcting errors. For example, removing unwanted triangles, creating sharp edges, and filling concave areas.
Creating a faceted geometry and editing it with a variety of commands to refine and perfect the faceted surface.
To use Facet Modeling, you must have the Technical Surfacing and Restyle licenses.
You can use some of the facet entities created in Facet Modeling in downstream operations and applications of Creo Parametric. For example, you can use facet faces, facet edges, and facet vertices as placement references for datum planes, datum axes, and datum points.
Geometry that is defined using facet geometry does not update when you edit or move the facet geometry, like it would update when you use regular geometry references.