Surfacing > Facet Modeling > Facet Handling > Relax > To Relax the Faceted Geometry
To Relax the Faceted Geometry
1. Select the area for smoothing using the selection marquee or using the Facet > Select by Length command.
If you do not select an area, the Relax command smooths the entire faceted surface.
2. Click Facet > Relax. The Relax dialog box opens.
3. In the Iterations box, type a value for the number of times the operation should be performed.
4. In the Strength box, type a value for the amount of relaxation to be performed. This value must be between zero and one.
In general, there is a balance between the relaxation, or smoothing, and the shrinkage of the model. Increasing the Strength increases the amount of smoothing at the expense of additional shrinkage and thus loss of finer details.
5. Select the Fix Boundary check box to ensure that the boundary edges and sharp edges are not moved. This is useful when the boundary consists of corners or feature lines that you want to retain.
6. Click OK.