Surfacing > Facet Modeling > Facet Handling > Fill Hole > To Fill Holes in the Faceted Geometry
To Fill Holes in the Faceted Geometry
1. Click Facet > Fill Hole. The Fill Holes dialog box opens.
2. Under Fill Type, select one of the following fill types:
Curvature—Adds facets such that the surface curvature is maintained.
Flat—Fills the hole but does not maintain the surface curvature.
3. Under Holes To Fill, select one of the following options:
Smaller than—Use the slider to set the size of the holes to be selected. Holes are selected based on the percentage of the model size that you specify using the slider.
All—Selects all holes with open facet edges.
Select—Allows you to select open facet edges for the holes to be filled. Click and select the open facet edges.
4. If required, click Preview to see a preview of the filled holes in the faceted surface.
5. If required, click Undo to undo the changes that you made.
6. Click OK. The gaps or holes in the faceted surface are filled.