User Commands for Model-Based Definition
User commands are used to perform a fix on a drawing or a part. When executed, they clean up data or perform an operation in bulk. You can execute a user command by adding it to the Detail Options.
To Execute a User Command
1. Click File > Pepare > Model Properties.
2. Click change against Detail Option. The Options dialog box opens.
3. In the Option box, type user_command.
4. In the Value box, type the command you want to execute.
5. Click Add/Change.
6. Click OK. The Options dialog box closes.
7. Click Close.
Designate all the annotations that are shown in a model, including the annotations created in Creo 3.0 or earlier.
annotation_designation <value>
When you open a model with annotations, there may be some annotations that were created in Creo 3.0 or earlier. Use annotation_designation to designate the legacy and the standardized annotations. You can use the following values with this command:
Control Characteristics