About Detail Options in 3D Mode
While configuration file options control the design environment for parts and assemblies, Detail options add additional controls to the environment. The Detail options determine characteristics like the height of dimension and note text, text orientation, geometric tolerance standards, and arrow lengths. Default values are provided for the options, but you can customize and save various versions for use in other drawings, models, and assemblies. The file that you specify in the model_detail_options_file configuration option establishes the default Detail options for any new model that you create during a Creo Parametric session. If you do not set this option, Creo Parametric uses the default values. You can retrieve the following files that contain sample Detail options from the <loadpoint/txt> directory with the following names:
3d_inch.dtl — Specifies the default values in inch unit
3d_metric.dtl — Specifies the default values in metric unit
Creo Parametric saves the Detail options settings with each individual model. Creo Parametric saves the values in the Value column of the detail option and is only applicable to the active model. The location of the file is determined by the pro_dtl_setup_dir configuration file option. You can specify the complete path to the directory that contains your Detail option files. If you do not specify the path name using this configuration file option, Creo Parametric brings you into the default setup directory.
When new Detail options are introduced in a release, and you open a model from an earlier release, the value of the legacy model supersedes the current value of the new Detail option. When you click File > Prepare > Model Properties and then click Change for Detail Options, notice the following for the new option in the Options dialog box:
The Default column contains the default value of the option.
The Valuecolumn applies the current value of the legacy model.