About Adding Annotations to Combined Views
You can add existing permanent annotations and annotation elements to active combined views. A permanent annotation is an annotation with an annotation plane assigned to it.
You can view an assembly in different states like simplified representations, orientations, explode states, cross sections, and zone clippings. Combined views are collections of one or more of these individual states. You can set combined views in 3D or 2D views.
When you add an annotation to an active combined view it appears in the 3D Detail Tree and is visible in the graphics window. If you right-click the annotation and click Erase, the annotation is erased from the graphics window in the active combined view. You can unerase the annotation to make it visible in the graphics window by right-clicking the annotation in the 3D Detail Tree and clicking Unerase and its status changes to shown.
If annotations are located on a hidden layer the shown status of the annotation overrides the layer status, that is, the annotations with shown status are visible in the graphics window irrespective of the layer status.