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Local Stock Allowance
In general, the amount of stock left after a rough cut or semi-finish NC sequence is controlled by the following manufacturing parameters: ROUGH_STOCK_ALLOW, PROF_STOCK_ALLOW, and Z_STOCK_ALLOW. They specify the stock allowance for all the surfaces machined in this NC sequence. In some cases, however, you may need to specify a different value of stock allowance for certain surfaces; for example, to leave extra stock for subsequent grinding operations, or adjust stock allowance prior to heat treatment.
This functionality is available for Area, 4 Axis Area, Groove, and Profile Turning.
When creating a Turning sequence, you can specify values for these parameters by selecting relevant parameters in the Edit Parameters dialog box. This dialog box opens when you define the Parameters for the sequence. When working with classic sequences, you can specify local stock allowance by selecting a chain of segments on a Turn Profile and entering a value that will apply to this chain only.