NC Aliases
The NC Alias command in the Machine Tool Setup group on the Manufacturing tab enables you to establish aliases for CL commands. NC aliases are useful if the post-processor that you are using does not support the default CL commands output by Creo Parametric; the NC aliases will substitute a command you have provided into the CL data. The NC alias may also include additional CL data associated with the command, as well as dimensions, user-defined parameters, and text. NC aliases are saved in a file with the extension .ncd. NC alias files will be stored automatically whenever the manufacturing model is saved.
Four CL commands are supported for aliasing: MFGNO, PARTNO, LOADTL, and TURRET. You cannot enter additional CL commands into this list to assign them aliases. NC aliases employ functionality similar to that of drawing notes: you can specify dimensions, parameters, or other fields to be output in the CL command.
For example:
CL Command
(system default)
User Command
(NC alias)
&nc_full_arg with &d1 and &param1 and &param2
"LOADTL" is the default CL command output by Creo NC. For this example, the complete output statement is: "LOADTL / 3, LENGTH, 5.0".
"MACRO_LOAD" is the CL command being substituted for "LOADTL".
"&nc_full_arg" is the output which follows the "/" in the output. In this example, it is "3, LENGTH, 5.0". The individual fields in this string can be output using "&nc_arg[arg_num]" (with "arg_num" beginning at 1). For instance, "&nc_arg2" would output "LENGTH".
"d1" is a dimension value.
"param1" / "param2" are user-defined parameters; "&" indicates that their values should be displayed (as in drawing notes). For this example, the value of "param1" is "BLUE" and the value of "param2" is "GREEN".
The output in the CL data file will read: "MACRO_LOAD : 3, LENGTH, 5.0, with 10.00 and BLUE and GREEN"
When using Pro/TABLE to define an NC alias, it must be contained on a single line.